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German kids in Isfahan-Iran:a cultural experience

Hi, my task, as an Iranian member of arch-peace is to make you more familiar with Iran, its hospitable people and its rich culture , so today I have some news about Isfahan, a must be seen city at the central parts of Iran, Pearl of Persia!

A group of German kids including 10 students along with their teachers from Berlin have their first excursion to Isfahan, the city of architecture and blue domes .They want to know more about Iranian people, their culture and beauties of Iran. In this excursion German students along with their Iranian friends performed the snow white story in a play in Naghshe-Jahan square ,one of the greatest squares of the world (500 meters long and 150 meters wide , 1598-1606 A.D).

Students will also visit different artcraft, carpet and pottery workshops during their 10 days visit to Iran. I am sure that there would be more of these multi-cultural events in the future if we spread the message of peace.

To know more about Isfahan, read this book by Wilfrid Blunt: isfahan, Pearl of Persia
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing this topic Mort. I visited the websites you suggested and Iran looks amazing! I even found out that Persepolis is in Iran! I always connected it to Greece for some reason.
Looking forward to learn more about the urban environment (ancient and new) in Iran.

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