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La revancha de los cités: dos planes revivirán a estas históricas viviendas

This article was first published by El Definido on 24.02.2015 and republished here with the permission of its author Magdalena Araus, Chile.

Imagen: © Iván Theoduloz / Arquibus

Restauraciones, renovación y nuevas construcciones que los imitan son las maneras de revivir a los cités en Santiago. Estas primeras viviendas sociales cada vez son más valoradas, tienen muchos beneficios que ofrecer y no están dispuestas a morir.


Sustainable University Campus: neighbourhood and surroundings

The following article (in Spanish) describes the work undertaken by 2nd. year students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Chile. The challenge was to situate an existing campus (in a transition to sustainability) and improve its presence within the city and with its citizens--how can a sustainable campus become a positive element in the urban fabric?
The proposals and details of the exploration can be found in the webpage developed by the students:

Escenarios sustentables para el campus Beauchef y la FAU

Source: escenarios sustentables campus Beauchef y FAU


Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 9 December 2014

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 December 2014 in Melbourne. At the AGM our Committee of Management will be re-elected, positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public and General Members. Please email us for further information and/or confirm your attendance at


Come celebrate the launch of our new Strategic Plan - Tuesday 11 November 2014

After months of brainstorming, questioning, consultation and critical reflection, it's time - we're about to launch our new direction!

Date:    Tuesday 11 November 2014
Time:   6 - 8:30pm
Venue: RMIT Design Hub, Roof Pavilion
            (Building 100, corner Victoria & Swanston St, Carlton VIC)


Update on our recent happenings...

Our strategic plan is taking shape!  Following on from the public session we held in May, where many constructive comments were received, we have continued to meet fortnightly to develop the content.  We have been joined by new friends (Yusef Taibeh and Katica Puga) and old ones (Peter Johns, Mary Ann Jackson, Ralph Green, Anthony McInneny, Kieran McKernan, Ammon Beyerle, Edith Wong, Kamil Muhammed and Lynda Roberts) and even a founding member (Eva Riestra) residing in Sydney who many of us met for the first time.