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What is obeCITY ?

AFP is inviting you to describe the obeCITY, the city that consumes itself to death.
How does obeCITY look like and feels to its inhabitants and the the rest of the world dwellers?



Beatriz Maturana said...

I have found a few links to sites that deal with this issue, they have called "obesigenic suburbs"

"Where you live influences your health. Research from Western Australia has shown that if you live in a suburb without footpaths, parks and shops within walking distance, you are more likely to have problems with obesity and hypertension. It is well known that walking is good for you, but apparently only 17% of people surveyed do sufficient to achieve health benefits (30 minutes five times per week).more here
Also at ABC or "fat suburbs"

This comments are describing the effects that these conditions have in people, I wonder whether we could describe the effects that these conditions have in the aesthetics of the suburbs, the environmental, social and economic costs - how does a "obesinegic house" looks like?


shelley said...

some intial thought on obeCITY?

*is it the city that is bulging out of is boundaries - any city that has expanded beyond the city limits, the 'old town'. Wouldn't this describe all modern cities?

* is it the city so full - of people, cars, buildings - that it is floundering, struggling to move. It is the inactive, lethargic city - the city that needs space.

* is it the fast food city - maccas, starbucks - the city of generic americ architecture, where kids recognise the golden arches before they can read. Mass consumption, mass production, mass mass.

* is it where energy in so far exceeds energy out? take take take. assume that all resources are limitless.

* is it the wealthy, successful city? the city whose inhabitants have a lust for life, an insatiable appetite. does this become grotesque or is it just erotic?

how can we 'treat' obeCITY?
*good ole fashioned speed

Beatriz Maturana said...

Great response to obeCITY Shelley!
About "lust for life" I wonder... perhaps greed, to the point of obscenity, only occurs when the real value of life is lost. The same way that happiness can be traded with “spectacle” - a parody of the real thing.

I just found an article written by Richard Neville that I would like to quote. It refers to the US, however, it may be relevant to Australian and this topic:

"Eating the planet. America continues to act in its own self interest, regardless of the interest of the world as a whole. While this may have been okay 50 years ago, it is now the ethical equivalent of piracy. How can a country so innovative in its use of technology, become so stuck in the Darwinian swamp, when it comes lightening its earthly footprint? A landmark study backed by 1,360 scientists from 95 countries, has recently warned that almost two-thirds of the natural systems that support life are “seriously degraded”. The consequence, according to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Report, are imminent abrupt changes that will harm humans, including the emergence of new diseases, sudden changes in water quality, creation of “dead zones” along the coasts, the collapse of fisheries, and shifts in regional climate.

Like it or not, global survival depends on a mainstream mind-shift. While this is understood by many US citizens, the White House is still groping in the dark, dreaming of endless oil, space wars, and the Return of Christ ...."

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