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Lucinda Hartley: highly commended in Young professional of the Year Award 2007

Lucinda Hartley, has as a 25 year old, been active as a new generation of designers seekingmodels for change. She believes that landscape architects have a leading role to play in developing innovative solutions that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.
She has been an active participant in "Architects for Peace" and in "Habitat for Humanity" as a volunteer in Thailand projects.

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Beatriz Maturana said...

In the name of Architects for Peace, congratulations Lucinda, well done!

pooklyheat said...

Congratulation Lucinda!!! I'm Pook, Thailand. I found your article, by chance, on the internet. And I'm very interested in the YPP. I'm thinking about applying for it next year but I need some advise if you don't mind. Thx in advance.

Please give me your email address.

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