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Architects for Peace Season's Greetings: December 2008

Dear arch-peace members, colleagues and friends,

Our work in 2008 could not have been possible without all those who generously volunteered their time to pro bono, administrative and technical tasks, coordinating teams and activities, website design, writing articles and editorials, posting news, commenting, attending and sharing some fantastic projects at words@ bld 50.

Thank you!

beatriz c. maturana, president

and the architectsforpeace team

eleanor chapman, peter johns, anthony mcinneny, kalliopi vakras, edith wong, matthew bond, ceridwen owen, lloyd mccathie , eva rodriguez r., sophia burguess, shelley freeman, ceri hann, kieran mckernan, mary ann jackson, ralph green, niea nadya, marwa yousef, ozge ozdamar, gregory cowan, kim roberts, muhammad kamil, sarah bridges, and many more...

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