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North Korea and the launch of a new "wall"?

Despite being mentioned as far away from having a true intercontinental ballistic missile and having a nuclear tip, the launch of a satellite/missile by North Korea has set up a new talk between UN "chief" countries.

As could be easily expected, the USA and its allies talk about new bans against the country. On the other hand, former Cold War allies, China and Russia (plus other countries including Iran), hold an "impartial" position. News mention that six way negotiations have to be done, and decisions will not be taken overnight. But what would be the result of an extended talk session?

Is this the breach for a new "embargo", a new "wall", a new agreed "partial deal" for a country having food shortages, limited arable land and industrial limitations?
It is obviously dealing with armory, but we must be against further bans affecting innocent lives, especially if it could mean more hunger and isolation.
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