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Defending Bedouin houses from being demolished in the Hebron region

“I don’t consider my work political,” he said between phone calls as he drove. “I don’t have a solution to this dispute. I just know that what is going on here is wrong. This is not about ideology. It is about decency.” NYT, 27 June, 2009.
Ezra Nawi is an Israeli human rights activists who was arrested trying to
defend Bedouin houses from being demolished in the Hebron region. His trial
comes up next week, and Jewish Voice for Peace is collecting signatures to
support his release.
Abe Hayeem (Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine, APJP)

Support Ezra Nawi
Sign a petition: Jewish Voice for Peace
Find more: "Unlikely Ally for Residents of West Bank". NYT, 27 June, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I support the cause. Perhaps the link below relate to the issues.. "Planning to Conquer..." by Mark LeVine.. Please click here

Beatriz Maturana said...

The following was written by Jewish Voice for Peace:

In the judge's own words, Ezra was "... pushing the people into the house while encouraging them, by rebuking the police, by encouraging others to lie in front of the bulldozer, by lying in front of the bulldozer with others, and, after this, by breaking into the shack that had been evicted after the bulldozer had already started the demolition."

The judge concluded that "the acts and behavior of the defendant constitute serious interferences that were meant to disturb the peace."

What peace? The peace where Palestinian homes are demolished with impunity and where civil disobedience is called 'rioting'?

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz compared his non-violent resistance to that of the Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.(1) Both went to jail for their beliefs. An Israeli judge wants to make sure that Ezra follows the same path.


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