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On Sunday 13.09.09, Architects for Peace had its first international internet meeting aimed to establish the arch-peace Advisory Committee. The team, composed of 14 arch-peace members (who have had a key role in actively and consistently contributing to arch-peace) met to discuss the direction of the organisation. The members of this committee are: Anthony McInneny, Prof. Ashraf Salama, Beatriz C. Maturana, Dr. Ceridwen Owen, Dr. Darko Radovic, Eleanor Chapman, Gregory Cowan, Prof. Lou Sauer, Prof. Hans Haenlein, Dr. Matthew Bond, Peter Johns, Sarah Bridges, Dr. Sidh Sintusingha and Tulio J. Mateo.

Now, with a few years of experience, we are to embark on an even more ambitious path with a more inclusive agenda aiming to strengthen the participation of members from all different nations here represented. This newly formed advisory team will undertake the task of articulating the direction of Architects for Peace, its principles, objectives and its future international activities, including projects, international membership and events. This marks a very important step in the life of this young organisation.

With your help, we can achieve some of our many goals, including: to be a portal for projects and activities that benefit larger sectors of the community and to be a network for campaigns that, in the realm of the urban professions, contribute to peace, social justice and the ecology. Together with your contribution—in your own language—we can achieve these goals.


Beatriz C Maturana (President) and the Architects for Peace Advisory Committee


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