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"Minimizing car travel by changing how we think about development"

Is this really possible? "Minimizing car travel by changing how we think about development." A recent study, referred to as a "meta-analysis" by his author, claims that,
"If you’re trying to minimize vehicle miles traveled and maximize walking and transit, you’re better off emphasizing mixed-use and destination accessibility than just bumping up density. A dense development in the suburbs, far from transit and employment centers and stores, is probably not going to buy you much in the way of walking and transit use. Almost any development in the central city is going to be more efficient from a transportation standpoint.
According to the study, augmenting density comes second in regards to effectiveness as compared to the above finding, yet, increasing density is the solution most often promoted.

What do you think of these assertions? Are there counter-arguments that also look at the "meta" picture?

Find the original article at SmartPlanet: here

(With thanks to Prof. Louis Sauer for sending this link to us.)



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