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Impromptu: a presentation by Mathias Klotz

Mathias Klotz discusses his projects, the role of nature and local knowledge in informing architectural form, the 8.8 Chilean earthquake and much, much more...

Casa 11 Mujeres, Cachagua, Chile. Source
Early last year, Chilean architect Mathias Klotz accepted an impromptu invitation to an Architects for Peace forum. Klotz's direct and engaging presentation took place soon after the 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile on February 2010, which Klotz often referred to in his talk.

Mathias Klotz Germain was born on April 1965 in Viña del Mar (Chile). In 1991 he graduated as an architect from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has been awarded numerous awards and has major projects in Chile, Mexico, Italy, Lebanon, China, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain...
"I am interested in belonging to a place… That is what my work is about…
I have no idea if I have found a place, but I think there are some projects that do have one.
The Reutter House has one by climbing up the trees. The Las Niñas Winery has one by illuminating the industrial space with natural light. The Mulchnick House has one by constructing an inhabitable terrace. The Ponce House has one on the River Plate." (Source: Mathias Klotz website)

Among his awards:
2011 Distinction, Modular Building Institute (Restaurant Rucary)
2010 Green Good Design, Casa La Roca;
2002 Second Place, Miami Biennial Miami (Colegio Altamira)
2002 Third Place, Miami Biennial Miami (Casa Reutter)
2001 Borromini Award, Catgory Architect under 40 y.o., Roma
2000 Finalist, Mies van der Rohe Award, Casa Reutter
1998 Finalist, Mies van der Rohe Award, Casa Müller

We invite you to watch this presentation captured in the following three videos.

Impromptu: Mathias Klotz (Chile) Part 1 from Architects for Peace on Vimeo.

Impromptu: Mathias Klotz (Chile) Part 2 from Architects for Peace on Vimeo.

Impromptu: Mathias Klotz (Chile) Part 3 from Architects for Peace on Vimeo.

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