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Resetting agendas: a conference in a climate of change

Reflections on the Oxford Conference 2008

This article discusses ‘The Oxford Conference 2008: 50 Years on – Resetting the Agenda for Architectural Education’ aimed to influence architectural education. With delegates from forty-two countries representing every continent there was a manifest change in the composition of the delegates as compared to 50 years ago. On the face of it this would suggest that a more diverse attendance made a difference in the spectrum of issues coming to the forefront: but did it?
Resetting agendas: a conference in a climate of change

This article was first published by Cambridge Journals, ARQ. How to cite the article: Beatriz Maturana (2008). Resetting agendas a conference in a climate of change. Architectural Research Quarterly, 12, pp 209-212 doi:10.1017/S1359135508001127

The original article can be downloaded from: Architectural Research Quarterly


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