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Empowering Communities to Preserve Character of Place

Landscape Architect Assoc Prof Ray Green discusses his ground-breaking approach in which a community is able to define the character of its neighbourhood. This methodology seeks to restore the balance of power between communities and external bodies such as planners and developers. With host Jennifer Cook.

"Typically these so called character studies are done by town planners, landscape architects, urban designers based on their professional judgements. My research is based quite differently where I assume that the local residents of these towns are the true experts." -- Associate Professor Ray Green

Host: Jennifer Cook
Producers: Kelvin Param, Eric van Bemmel
Series Creators: Eric van Bemmel and Kelvin Param
Audio Engineer: Gavin Nebauer
Voiceover: Nerissa Hannink

Note: Permission to republish this article has been granted by the University of Melbourne, unimelbvisions.


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