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At 104 years of age Oscar Niemeyer dies

At 104 years of age Oscar Niemeyer has left us. He was the architect of Brasilia and of iconic architecture around the world. But, as important as the form of his buildings are the ideals that gave those buildings form.

"It is important that the architect think not only of architecture but of how architecture can solve the problems of the world. The architect's role is to fight for a better world, where he can produce an architecture that serves everyone and not just a group of privileged people." 
Niemeyer received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1988.

Thanks for the inspiration Oscar Niemeyer, your legacy will live with us.

Oscar Niemeyer's Brasilia. Photographs by Beatriz Maturana

Niemeyer´s official website here
Niemeyer´s Brasilia here


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