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Book: "La espacialidad del niño que no ve" (Spatiality of the child who doesn´t see)

Invitation to the launch of the book "Espacialidad del niño que no ve", Dic. 20, 2012. 
Tonight is the launch an important book written by two inspiring young and motivated architects, Mónica Díaz Vera y Constanza Mena Maino. The book entitled "Espacialidad del niño que no ve" (Spatiality of the child who doesn´t see) will be launched by Beatriz Maturana in representation of Architects for Peace.

This book poses some crucial questions, among them, one that makes us reconsider the location of the problem. It asks, "Then--, who is really disabled? The child that doesn´t see? o The city that is un-able to shelter them and offer spaces where people of all different physical, psychological, emotional and sensorial abilities can be welcome?

If you are in Santiago, we hope you can make it to the launch tonigh.
find more about this book: Plataforma Arquitectura


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