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In Turkey a demonstration for public space leads to countless numbers demonstrating to defend wider freedoms.

In Turkey, in protest at the threat to remove trees from the heart of İstanbul city centre on Monday 100 people peacefully arrived at the Gezi Park on 27 May 2013. They stayed in the park and would not abandoned the trees. The group consisted of university students, families, every day people, not affiliated to any political party. They were reading books and lying on the grass when police arrived and used excessive force in an attempt to remove the protesters. After this incident the protesters' number grew and the  the police's violence increased! The conflict continues today.

Boyun eğme - Do not surrender! From Occupygezi Facebook Page.

The Turkish Media was mute. Thanks to international media, the Turkish Media was forced to acknowledge the event within Turkey. However, journalists are now under pressure. A small minority of dedicated media outlets are making it their job to report the ongoing issue but a countless number of journalists are in prison now.

All around Turkey, people are marching, the number of people is amazing. It was 100.000 people in Ankara, Kizilay, today. Police are trying hard to stop them with gas and other measures.

From Occupy Turkey Facebook Group

It all started with the desire of protecting 100 years old trees and public space. When the police became involved it turned to something you can can only experience once in a lifetime. In Turkey, people are united against dictatorial governments and against the Islamization movements of the leading party. The government wants to prohibit alcohol, prohibit abortion, prohibit kissing on the tress, they want to force people to comply. The people are tired of the push to go to a war with Syria or any other neighbor. The people on the streets are not marching for a party or a particular group. They want peace, respect and be the freedom to be themselves. Many of them have never protested in their life before.

From Occupy Turkey Facebook Page, Istanbul , Turkey 01-06-2013

In Ankara, police are continuing to use excessive force. They are using orange gas, noise bombs and many things against innocent people. Resist Ankara.

You can follow these events on from BBC News, Twitter and Facebook. #direngeziparki  #occupygezi 

I listed some links to give you an idea. We need international awareness. Thank you.

Tear gas which is forbidden, is now being used by Turkish Police, while on the other hand they denying this fact.

From Ötekilerin Postası Facebook Page, OrangeGas forbidden to use. 

Police hunting a protester with all their force.

Femen support for Turkey.

In İzmir, 10 police beat one innocent girl.


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