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Pecha Kucha Melbourne Volume 29: MY UTOPIA, YOUR DYSTOPIA?

Architects for Peace in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders (Victoria Region) and Pecha Kucha Melbourne hosted Melbourne's 29th Pecha Kucha Night at the Drill Hall on Thursday 13th July 2017.

Seven guests were brought together in an evening of 'chit-chat' to present their ways of visioning and realising sustainable, humane or technological futures, speaking to the terms of their perceived utopias and dystopias. The various guest insights developed conversations around - acting to protect the physical and social health of Australia's wilderness, Australian youth and their attitude towards contemporary world politics, speculative and physical 'sites' for architecture, place and human imagination, intelligent building systems in pre-fabricated architecture, land and resources rights, rapid city growth and land development pressures in shanty towns and, futures in climate change. 

With one young guest presenter, the audience asked all adult presenters to explain how their profession, expertise, current practices and personal values were being used to develop a healthy future for today's youth?

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A big thank you to our guest presenters for making this night so special!
Stella Veal, Alex Thomas, Peter Raisbeck, Lee Godden, Viv Faithfull, Grace Tjandraatmadja and Lloyd Lee

The Architects for Peace Team


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