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Architects for Peace is seeking written submissions from passionate built environment professionals and academics for our online publications. Architects for Peace provides an open forum where contributors can share their ideas, critically think about their work and the changes that are affecting our societies and environment. Through the publication of editorials and articles, we aim to share diverse viewpoints on alternative built environment practices and research and, connect members from different countries into a global network of ideas.

We are looking for opinions on key topics including: peace, social justice, climate change, urbanisation issues, inclusive public spaces, housing and the right to shelter. If you have an idea that will challenge or inspire our professional readers on these issues, we would like to hear from you!

This is a great opportunity to have  your work published and share your thoughts with a wide audience. Our community spans local, national and international borders. We have over 500 members world-wide and reach almost 30,000 followers regularly through our social media channels. We are widening our global network, and continuing to discover its potential. Who knows where it may take you!

Writing will be published on the Architects for Peace website and shared via our social media accounts.

If you want to contribute, or would like more information, please email:


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