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CALL OUT FOR CAST MEMBERS: 'Clearance by Cappuccino' - a dialogue on affordable and diverse housing for everybody

(Above) role play and character development at our recent introductory workshop
Image credit: Free Theatre

'Clearance by Cappuccino' is a collaboration between Architects for Peace and Free Theatre using the mediums of dialogue and theatre to re-imagine the notion of affordable and diverse housing for everybody. We feel it is important to invite discussion into one space, bring the community together with architects, planners, urban designers, policy makers and more, to share perspectives on how housing affordability and housing stress involves and affects us all.

We are calling for people interested in taking part in a dialogue based performance as cast members. No prior acting experience is required. An interest in the topic is essential! We are looking for 5 - 6 cast members to form an ensemble.

Free Theatre will host a series of workshops and expose participants to the dialogue theatre methodology in the lead up to a public performance. Each cast member will have an opportunity to develop their character, and through this, develop a unique position on housing affordability.

Contact Nicole Mechkaroff at for further details.


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