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Join the arch-peace team: new volunteer positions

Been thinking about getting involved with Architects for Peace but not sure where to start?

Maybe you've been a member for a while, made the odd comment on Facebook - even come along to an event or two? Or perhaps you just stumbled across us and are wondering what it's all about? Well, we'd love to show you! We're putting a call out for volunteers to join our active team and you just might have something we're looking for.

This is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and supportive team of enthusiastic volunteers, expand your professional and social network, and have some fun - all while contributing to the promotion of sustainable urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace. We are an inclusive and close-knit bunch. Our organisation is fundamentally defined by our principles and the talents and energy of the volunteers behind it.

As an active volunteer, you will be mentored in our operations, but also encouraged to initiate and implement your own ideas that further the objectives of the organisation and take ownership of your contributions.

We are all volunteers juggling work, study and whatever else comes along. We're more than happy to have a chat to you about what's involved and what sort of time commitment you're able to make.

Architects for Peace is now looking for arch-peace members to join the team.

1. Members’ coordinator (Melbourne):

This role would suit someone with excellent interpersonal skills, computer skills and the ability to strategically match needs with skills and interests.

This is an important role and the incumbent will have the opportunity to developed a clear and deep understanding of arch-peace operations to answer enquiries and be supported by the Committee of Management.. We will provide training in this area, however an interest in getting to know us how the organisation works and our activities is an essential pre-requisite.

You have:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Regular access to email to provide timely responses to enquiries and membership applications
  • An interest in learning more about Architects for Peace and strengthening links with our members all over the globe
  • Follow up with a personal welcome to the automatic email acknowledgement of new members, and try to match expressed interest with active roles.
  • Respond to specific queries and/or forward as applicable to Steering Committee or Sub committee coordinators
  • Identify opportunities for the new member to be involved in specific arch-peace activities
  • Maintain a database of members including past correspondence and possibilities for future engagement
  • Work in conjunction with the finance officer to create a database of financially up-to-date members
  • Regularly report to the steering committee (monthly basis)
  • Stay up to date with current arch-peace operations
  • look for opportunities for membership drive and promotion
Time commitment: 8 - 12 hours per month

2. Blogger (anywhere in the world):
Do you enjoy blogging?

We need 2-3 people who enjoy blogging and are familiar with the Facebook interface and HTML language.

You have:
  • A creative and a proactive approach
  • Great graphic design skills (colours, fonts, composition)
  • Preferably, a familiarity with uploading documents to web services such as Scribd/Issuu and generating scripts to be used in websites and newsletters.
  • Participate in our editorial group (Google based)
  • Receive and upload news and articles provided by other team members
  • Provide guidance on uploading material to other members
  • Respond to and act promptly on requests to post material online
Additionally (only if interested), we would also encourage you to find great and relevant articles and seek permission for their re-publication in arch-peace, commenting and/or writing your own posts.

Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month

3. Newsletter editor (anywhere in the world):
Do you enjoy graphic design and blogging?

We need 1-2 people who enjoy graphic design and are able to take responsibility for our monthly newsletter. The information (articles, editorial, activities) will be there for you. You will edit an interactive and dynamic newsletter with links to the website, based on a web-based newsletter service template (we have just started using MailChimp: .

You have:
  • A creative and a proactive approach
  • Great graphic design skills (colours, fonts, composition)
  • An eye for detail
  • Preferably, a familiarity with uploading documents to web services such as Scribd/Issuu and generating scripts to be used in websites and newsletters.
  • Participate in our editorial group (Google based)
  • Complete the newsletter template on a monthly basis
  • Identify possible ways to develop the newsletter design and raise with the core team
Time commitment: 4- 8 hours per month

4. Pro bono service team members (Melbourne):
If you believe good design is a right that should be accessible to everyone, we need you! We are looking for people to facilitate matches between willing pro bono service providers and community groups in need of design services.

You have:
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Access to email to provide timely responses to pro bono enquiries
  • A general understanding of and interest in establishing design project parameters
  • Receive applications for design services from community organisations, review with the pro bono team and determine eligibility
  • Work with applicants for services to help develop briefs and project scopes
  • Prepare notices for Expressions of Interest from service providers
  • Assess applications from service providers and identify suitable matches
  • Update project information on the website
  • Assemble and maintain a database of interested service providers
  • Promote the pro bono service among not-for-profit organisations
Time commitment: one pro bono meeting per month (2 hours), plus 4-8 hours per month

5. Talk series coordination team members

Words @ bldg 50 is a talk series that has been running since 2005. It provides an alternative forum for the discussion of development and political agendas which concern human rights, advocating the intrinsic connection of the built environment professions to wider society.

This position would suit members with a demonstrated interest in contributing to a critical discourse on current urban, architectural and environmental issues affecting our cities and communities.

The series is well-established and there is a wealth of information available to the new coordinator, plus an experienced team available to help you get started and provide ongoing mentorship and support.

This is an opportunity to gain experience, and be part of a dynamic team of enthusiastic volunteers. We are looking for people with any or all of the following skills to join the team:

You have:
  • An interest in creating informative and enjoyable social events, enjoy publicity, promotion and graphic design and/or ongoing debate via web based communications
  • Advance planning of future events
  • Lead brainstorming sessions with the team to plan future talks and other event initiatives
The roles
  • Graphic design (event flyers, online and print media)
  • Advanced blog posting
  • Writing (flyer content, event reviews)
  • Video recording and editing
  • Distribute promotional material (online and print media)
Time commitment: 4-8 hours a month

For our Melbourne members interested in any of these positions, we have planned an information meeting on 25 August 6pm, RMIT Bldg.50, Orr Street, Carlton. If you would like to apply, attend the meeting or ask questions, please email the team

After a 6-month period of reliable contribution, all our volunteer positions will be given due recognition in the arch-peace website. In the meantime we encourage you to update your arch-peace profile to reflect your new responsibilities within the organisation. For specific information about working with Architects for Peace please click: here


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