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Sustainable Futures: architecture and urbanism in the global south

Conference: This conference is relevant to Built Environment professionals interested in the future and sustainability of our built environments, with particular reference to the Global South.

"The nature of architecture and urbanism in the Global South presents us with an opportunity to evaluate global challenges related to urban sustainability from a new perspective. Are there lessons here for architects, landscape architects and urban designers? Can there be a productive transfer of best practice principles from south to north, south to south, as well as north to south? Certainly, the ever-increasing number of inter-country exchange programmes, studio projects, and design-build projects set in the Global South, from India, to South America and across Africa, suggest that there are lessons that can be taught and learnt. These projects, set to help urban and rural societies with infrastructure and technological transfer, also aid the transfer of knowledge back to the participants, related to sustainable futures at different scales - from individual buildings to the district and urban-scales."
Sustainable Futures Conference-Uganda 2012


school architects said...

Sustainable architecture is most commonly known as green architecture. Much of sustainable architecture focuses on building intelligently and environment friendly.

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