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intentCITY /1 - a street forum

The official launch of Architects for Peace took place on Saturday, November 20th. 2004 at The Hamer Hall (Melbourne Concert Hall) undercroft.

Did you attend intentCITY? please leave your comment here:

  • what would you like for the next intentCITY?
  • what do you think of the ideas behind this event?
  • what do you think of this forum being performed on the public space?
  • any particular topic you would like to be adressed?
  • do we need intentCITY and what role should it have?


Rachel said...

I know this is long overdue, but for anyone who comes to this part of the forum, you really should hear how fantastic the forum was. I’ve noticed there have been a lot of visits here, but not so many comments!

what do you think of this forum being performed on the public space?

Coming from the point-of-view of someone who is not an architect, nor very established in my political views, I found this forum engrossing. It was in an ideal semi-open space, just under a bridge, that made it attractive to passers-by while remaining non-intrusive. I was impressed with how many people sat down and stayed to hear what was being said. I think it was a fantastic choice.

Issues were raised, such as the land ownership with East Timor and others I was also not aware of. Plans were shown for exciting innovative architecture which took into consideration and complimented it’s natural and social environment. I never thought I could find the natural temperature control of a building so exciting.

what do you think of the ideas behind this event?

I found the philosophies behind the plans presented captivating. People presented papers on social issues, environmental issues, and the way that they approach planning. I found the ideas raised about social justice really struck a chord in me and made me want to become more active and try to do something about them.

do we need intentCITY and what role should it have?
Awareness being in my mind the first step toward change, I think intentCITY plays a very serious role in this. I can’t stress how accessible and thought provoking the experience was and how much more of it I’d like to see.

what would you like for the next intentCITY?
I thought the format for the forum was great. At the next forum I’d love to hear more about the social issues I still know little about. As in the website, I’d also be interested in following links to other organisations and exploring the issues that they deal with. I would LOVE for the talks to actually be published in some form. I would love to watch again or even read them.

Thanks SO much! I’m really looking forward to the next forum!


Anonymous said...

Hi Architects for Peace,
If you are still checking this, I was wondering if you can tell me why the Hamer Hall undercroft was chosen as the site for the forum and whether you think the space worked as a place for a public forum? I was also wondering why there has not been a forum in 2005 and 2006? Unfortunately i missed the 2004 forum.

beatriz said...

Jess, sorry I missed your comment (by 3 years!). Hammer Hall undercroft was great, it offers shelter, it is dark enough to allow projections and it has plenty of room for exhibitions and performance (both of which we had on the day). On the other hand, it can become a wind tunnel and I remembering being freezing on that day.
We did have forums in 2005, 2006 and 2007 ( Unfortunately these forums require lot of work and given that we have not paid positions, we could not continue to afford the organising time that these event require and decided instead to focus on consolidating our other programs. But we will back!

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