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The film fundraiser night : ‘Stealing a Nation’ - John Pilger Film Festival

Great to see you all at the fundraiser.
What a good documentary - a small story of these 2000 people expelled from their land seems to convey all what the English "democracy" is about. A telling account of the treatment of the Diego Garcia islanders as compared to the English in the Malvines island in Argentina!

It seems that there is enough enthusiasm for another fundraiser film night. Next time we will have tables with info, and more publicity on radio, as suggested by Karen - can you think of anything else? suggestions welcome...


builda said...

Good to hear your fundraiser went well. How about trying for sponsorship from the corporate world?

Beatriz Maturana said...

Thanks Builda,
We would be happy to hear from the corporate world and we have placed an announcement in our links to that effect. We have also made clear that we only accept sponsorship from ethical business.
We are poor and demanding!!

As for contacting businesses, that hasn't given us good results yet... But we may give it another try.

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