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now discussing... how many members and where?

Would you like to know how many members we have and where???
Sydney: 59
International: 44
Melbourne: 36
Tasmania: 8

Brisbane: 3
Adelaide: 2
Perth: 2
Canberra: 1 (these numbers do not include the members who prefer to remain anonymous)

In Australia we have enough capacity to have at least two major active groups in Sydney and Melbourne - Sydney having more members than Melbourne ... what is going on Sydney?!! what about having the next intentCITY there?
If you would like to volunteer to become a coordinator in your city/town/region, please let us know. In Australia you need to be a paid member to do this. We can support you in many ways, all except money!!! (unfortunately).
As AFP we have the internet capacity to focus on any/many cities or regions, this focus depends only on your own contributions to the news, forum, activities, competitions....
Our next Steering Committee meeting will be in Melbourne around July/August (date to be announced). Nominate now to become the coordinator in your area/city


Beatriz Maturana said...


Tassie: 9
Sydney: 64
Perth: 5
Melbourne: 86
International: 82
Brisbane: 6
Adelaide: 4
Canberra: 1

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