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3 locations for Solar Power Units in Oecussi

To our arch-peace members and friends: Jorge Teme, former Timor Leste Ambassador to Australia, sent me [Bernie Milane] an email some weeks ago, providing me with site location details for Solar Power Units.

  • TAIBOCO VILLAGE (Maquelab Centre - Community Council and Youth Organisation) Pop. 3000. About 45 mins. by road from Oecussi Township.

  • BOBOCASE VILLAGE (Bimelo Community Centre - Community Council, Youth and Womens Groups) Pop. 2000. About 25 mins. by car from Oecussi.

  • NIPANI VILLAGE (Sacato Community Centre) Pop. 2,100. About 20 mins. by road from Oecussi Township. Local NGO, Community Council, Touth and Womens Groups.

He also listed some other basic needs for the local village communities, however the Solar Power Units are considered a prioriy. I have visited the locations and can verify the urgent need for support.

As at today, I have received $950AUS donations towards the cost of purchasing and installation for the 3 Units. To complete the Project, Bill Bennett and his colleagues need $3000AUS. As you can see, we have a little way to go, to meet the total cost. If you can, I need your help for us to fund this priority project.

>> Photos coming soon...

That's all for now and please remember, I am confident that, with your help, we can fund the 3-Solar Powered Electricity Units for Oecussi.

To contribute towards the solar panels, please make a deposit at The "Whitehorse Friends of Oecussi" Bendigo Bank (Box Hill) Account number: 116833047. Please place a comment or send us an email detailing the amount you have contributed - you can print your name or make it anonymous.

Best Wishes,

Bernie Millane

Whitehorse Friends of Oecussi

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Beatriz Maturana said...

Friends of OECUSSI
Hello Friends, 13 July 2006

It’s been nearly four months since I last wrote to you and not surprisingly, we have completed the necessary fundraising for two important Projects in OECUSSI Enclave. Of great importance, I have received advice from reliable sources in Timor-Leste and Melbourne that all is ok and calm in OECUSSI. Problems still exist in and around Dili.

No. 1 We have raised the $3,000AUS to fund the purchase and installation arrangements for three Solar Powered Units – each to be installed on the external roof of three Community Houses, identified and prioritised by former Ambassador Jorge TEME and community leaders attached to the District Administrators office. A cheque will be sent to Bill Bennett and the Alternative Technology Association (Aust.) soon and plans made for the trip to Dili and OECUSSI later this year. Photographs of the three locations have been requested. The original August 2006 installation plan has been cancelled because of recent issues affecting safety in Dili.

No. 2 we have raised the $1,500AUS needed to purchase and install a number of building and construction items, to complete the QUESI Primary School Restoration Project. I have notified our contact friends in Dili and Oecussi and requested advice on who and where to send the money. I have sought a guarantee re the purchase of key materials and payment arrangements. I have also requested, on your behalf, photographs of the QUESI Primary School and the completed ‘restoration’ work.

Ambassador Hernani Coelho da Silva – who replaced Snr. Jorge TEME earlier this year - visited Melbourne on Saturday 08 July and attended a Timor-Leste Friendship Groups gathering at the Victorian Local Governance Association office in Carlton. This was a very successful event. Close to 100 people attended and heard Hernani explain recent events in Timor-Leste, Dili in particular. In spite of the serious damages to homes, shops and community peace, it would seem that good order and calm is being restored. I received an email from Inacia TAMELE a few days ago. You may recall she is one of the two young women we brought out to Box Hill some time ago, to undertake Small Business Management Training and Box Hill TAFE. She and her husband own a small dwelling located in a suburb between Dili Airport and Dili Township was ransacked by hooligans, suffered severe damage and almost all of the domestic items were stolen or broken. It is too difficult to know what, if anything, we can offer to do to assist them; however I have asked them to inform me.
Back to the Ambassador -- he was aware of the approach made to Snr. Ramos Horta to consider an acting role as Prime Minister. As we all know, this has eventuated and media reports indicate peace and progress are being restored. I sincerely hope that economic conditions are improved and that our Friendship Group arrangements survive and continue to grow.

Finally, I have paid my deposit // Attendance Fee for the Local Government – Friendship Groups Conference to be held in Dili. I will let you know what develops over the coming months. I will also seek details of any other ‘support projects’ for OECUSSI and contact you again.

Don’t forget – the Whitehorse Spring Festival is on 08 OCTOBER and we have booked a promotion tent. I have also ordered a “flash” Whitehorse Community Friends of Oecussi banner. It will be displayed on the day. Make sure you come along and see it. I wish to thank ZARTART of Lexton Rd., Box Hill; Rex, his business and his colleagues kindly donated the cost of the banner

As usual, I’m hoping for your continuing support in the future!

Best Wishes,
Bernie Millane

Anonymous said...

You made great work, such important projects in OECUSSI Enclave. Especially that you installed Solar Power Units on the roofs. I believe it will help people a lot.

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