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2007 Architects for Peace Forum
A collaborative partnership between Architects for Peace, VicHealth, RMIT Public Art, Village Well and UNESCO Observatory

Date: Saturday September 1, 2007 (11am-7:30pm)
Venue: RMIT University, Building 94, 23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton

Everyone welcome
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Architects for Peace Annual Forum is an opportunity to focus on a particular area of the built environment to create debate and to inform our members, professionals of the built environment and the general public.

In 2007 the topic is collective transport and sustainable cities. We hope to use this forum to create discussion and to inform a position paper for the Melbourne Futures.

We aim to open the debate of possible alternatives the a car dependent city and develop an information exchange of the ideas presented at the forum via our website.

Please register your attendance on line:

Cost: $5 students, $10 member, $15 non-member

This event is sponsored by VicHealth


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