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arch-peace joining the peaceful demonstrations at APEC

Dear arch-peace's members,

A week after our successful 2007 TRANSPORTED Forum last week, we are joining the peaceful demonstrations taking place in Sydney this Saturday Sept. 8.

As you well know arch-peace is an organisation that believes that as citizens and professionals of the built environment, we can assist in creating a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. APEC does not place social and environmental agendas at the centre of their decisions. Furthermore, the signing of the Kyoto protocol is likely to be dismissed once more.

According to the media, $300 million have been used to prevent demonstrators and the general public from entering their city. John Howard on the other hand has offered a mere (by comparison) $70 million towards environmental 'initiatives'. 'Initiatives' do not measure up to the state of global warming the world is facing today and these initiatives come too late for those poor countries and communities who are already suffering the consequences of our uncontrollable economic growth.

Join us on Saturday Sept 8, 10am outside the Town Hall, at the bandstand in Belmore Park (near Central Station). We will be carrying our customary colourful vertical banners with the arch-peace logo (see image).

Hope to see you then,

Beatriz and the architectsforpeace team

Find more about APEC:

Tom Allard, "US security pact to be signed during Bush visit", The Age, September 3 2007. Internet available:

APEC to override Kyoto Protocol:,22049,22315778-5001021,00.html

Amendment: early on I referred to $300,000 million and $70,000 million—if this sounded like too much, you were right—it should have been $300 and $70 million respectively. Thanks Ceri for pointing this out to me.

See photos of the rally... (march restricted by police to 3 city blocks!)

APEC: Sydney' Siege


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