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Why we still don’t believe in climate change


The following article by George Marshall entitled "Why we still don’t believe in climate change" poses some critical insights and questions. Perhaps many of these concerns have been in the back of our minds for some while. Marshall has managed to articulate them in a manner that resonate with our own experience and that should prompt us to once for all walk the talk. Even if this means some 'sacrifices' from our part, these are small sacrifices in the context of climate change.

At a recent dinner at Oxford University a senior researcher in atmospheric physics was telling me about his coming holiday in Thailand. I asked him whether he was concerned that this would make a contribution to climate change (we had, after all, just sat through a two hour presentation on the topic). “Of course,” he said blithely, “and I’m sure the government will make long haul flights illegal at some point”
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has done a particularly poor job of promoting itself as an authoritative and trustworthy institution. It should be telling the story of how it achieves consensus on an unprecedented scale, and enabling its most presentable participants to speak directly to the world.. At present, under sustained skeptic attack, it can’t even provide a list of the people involved in the process. It has no human face at all - the only images on its website are the covers of reports or the beach resort where it will hold its next meeting.
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