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Do Dominicans care about water resources?

Los Haitises National Park is located in the paradisiacal Dominican Republic (DR). Los Haitises hosts an incredible hilly landscape (amazing from air view), unique flora and fauna, aborigines’ art, and a geological structure supporting a rich underground water system, 147 springs and 28 small lakes –all in an area of 1,823 km2. Why Dominican authorities accepted to install a cement plant there then?

In the developing world the word corruption is a known one. Sometimes it is a visible fact; other times it hides behind rule of law. During the last months DR has seen corruption become public and corrupt politicians openly accepting it as “part of the job” –politicians and big privates ruthlessly aligned for their particular well-being.

When the media showcased a new mining project taking place within Los Haitises, it didn’t take long to think about corruption. Soon after, two contradictory reports from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources were a sign that something had happened.

However, based on hope for our ecosystem, civil society groups got together and launched an on-going campaign to awake an already beaten population against injustice –the social, political and now environmental injustice that authorities endorse. The campaign halted the project and, while authorities might seem keen on its continuity, the society seems ready to claim its right to choose. Groups like Toy Jarto, La Revuelta, and others, gather conscious youth into this comprehensive purpose.

Yes, we might need a stronger input towards personal environmental-saving initiatives at home scale. Nevertheless, despite not having recycling nor the greatest politicians, social reaction showcases that the colorful DR counts on its people and its natural resources for a better future.

Indeed, Dominicans do care about their environment and this cement plan most probably won’t be built. But the bigger hope is that the cohesion achieved now can revolutionize how overall politics are handled.

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