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Tent Cities

As the recession bites in the United States, some cities are revevaluating the worth of informal tent cities. Nashville recently changed its policy when it allowed a tent city under an overpass to stay, realising there was nowhere else for these people to go - all the homeless shelters were full. Similar cities have been permitted to remain in Washington state and California.

"Some homeless are battling mental illness or addictions, or both. Municipal officials in the U.S. acknowledge the tent cities can breed crime and unsanitary conditions, but with public shelter scarce, they say they have to weigh whether to spend police time to break up encampments that are likely to resurface elsewhere."

Other cities are not so lenient... more at WSJ

via Planetizen.


Anonymous said...

if the plan continuess to work, we will all be living in tents by 2012. the redistribution of wealth. banks will repo all homes and reap huge profits from fannie and fredie. yes, its true. we the people pay taxes to fund these real estate insurrers, and banks are not being held accountable. pure profit, think. we mean nothing. we are only here to consume and contribute to the machine. wake up and live. stop paying interest in any way you can, eventually you all will end up homeless.

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