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words @bldg 50 wraps up for 2009...see you next year!

Our final talk for 2009 addressed the recovery process of Victorian communities affected by the devastating February bushfires and the future for those regions and properties threatened by fire.

Four speakers provided insights, each from a unique perspective. The panel discussion was accompanied by a one-night-only exhibition of 16 design responses - architects and students exploring how to design in readiness for bushfire threat.

Many thanks to those who spoke on the night - Greg Box, Dr Susie Burke, Beatriz Maturana and Peter Hogg, and our chair Anthony McInneny, and our contributing exhibitors! If you missed out, watch out for the video recording coming soon to the words page of the website.

Words will be back in early 2010. We are currently formulating the 2010 program - if you are interested in contributing, as a speaker or through coordination + promotion as part of the words team, please send an email to And watch this space!


kamil said...

what a great year it has been! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the talks and postcasts, love to be able to watch these at my own leisure.

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