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Rebuilding in Aceh

Foreign Correspondent on ABC1 Australia next week will show a documentary that includes an investigation into reconstruction efforts at Aceh after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004...

The show will be on Tuesday May 4th at 8.00pm.

Indonesia Correspondent Matt Brown has discovered that rebuilding effort has been chaotic and in places very uneven. He meets former merchant banker turned hands-on helper Sarah Henderson who learned quickly not to make the same mistakes as some aid agencies that had constructed homes for non-existent villagers.

“When I was designing the houses I though oh how great I’ll give them an inside bathroom, I’ll give them an inside kitchen oh this is going to be wonderful and when they saw the plan they were horrified and they said no, no, no, no they didn’t want the bathroom inside, they didn’t want the kitchen inside and so I think listening is very, very important.”



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Did anyone see this? If so could you describe. Thanks. Peter

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