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Gaza pavilion

On the occasion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, here are the two famous pavilions.

I shared these two pictures to remind people that the real Expo has begun on December 27, 2008 in Gaza; and that all their pavilions are still exposed until today as this mosque in clusters of stone (photo below). Unlike other expositions, this fair is closed to public. It was completed in only 22 days in which 1,350 victims have died and about 5,500 have injured. This is a real feat that Israel has made when compared to other expositions that took several months of work without any victim recorded.

The theme of this famous Expo summarizes the course of Human Being from its creation until today. This theme is called deconstruction. Besides, Deconstructivism - artistic and architectural movement - was inspired from this theme. So, despite the intellectual, scientific and technological level, Human Being spirit remains the same until the end of this world. It's just the framework and context that has only changed.

As responsible people who do not accept injustice, our duty is at least to remind constantly our entourage of this bitter reality. At least we have a clear conscience toward our children,that would be proud of what we have left as an inheritance.

Personally I am not very fascinated for what has exposed in Shanghai World Expo when I remember that there is a hidden face behind the utopian and ideal images. But on the other hand I strongly encourage the creativity and scientific & technological development, provided they are not based on destruction and colonialism.

The theme's world Expo of this year is : "Better City, Better Life". Personnaly I don't see neither City nor Life...!

Thanks for interest.


Mourad Bendjennet for Architects for Gaza.


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