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CABE downunder

CABE Downunder is a Melbourne-based organisation seeking to emulate the UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, but in a low key, working on the smell of coffee sort of way.

Carrying on from a series of small meetings held in Melbourne since the mid 1980s, CABE Downunder (a working title) is now determining just what sort of group it will be in the future.

Founding member, architect Bill Chandler says, "There’s been lively debate about [our] form or status, whether it should be a commission for cities or more of a stimulus group... The initiative is quite inclusive, compared to more territorial organisations that only focus on one particular area. We’re looking at the socio-economic dimensions as well as the physical – the practice of good architecture."

To join the discussion, attend the next meeting at Melbourne Town Hall on July 13th.

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