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intentCITY book launch by arch-peace

IntentCity was the inaugural forum establishing many of the principles of the Architects for Peace. This publication launch will feature contributors to IntentCity and a discussion about social responsibility and the right to the city. Contributors to IntentCity include Dr Darko Radovic, Beatriz Maturana, Dr Kit Lazaroo and Liz Coleman, Marc Purcell, Geoff Hogg, Su Mellersh-Lucas and Mick Pearce

IntentCITY discusses the “political city” – the public space that affects us all – the built environment, ecology, citizens, and particularly our involvement in war and what can be done to prevent it. IntentCITY is about cities, citizenship, collaboration and friendship at local and international levels. It is about boundaries, social and spatial, about the social realities of cities.

Date: Wednesday July 21
Location: Level 2 Myer Bridge, Above Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Central. Cnr. of Latrobe and Swanston Streets, Melbourne
Time: 7pm
Cost: Free

Department of Counter Culture

Introduction to the book:
IntentCity - the political city


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