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A New Atlas: Architectures of the 21st Century: African and the Middle East

Just letting you know of a fine new atlas that has seen the participation of more than one Arch-Peace member.

This ATLAS, devoted to the most recent architecture of Africa and the Middle East, is the third volume in a series of four which develop and update the work published in 2007 by the BBVA Foundation, Atlas. Global Architecture circa 2000. With the same intellectual coordinates as the previous books, which attempted to simultaneously reflect the ‘state of the world’ and the ‘state of the art’, this publication gathers a selection of recent works and projects along with ten texts by prominent experts on the different countries or regions of the area, from Southern Africa to Turkey, passing through the heart of the continent, the Maghreb, Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula and the territories that once were Persia, Mesopotamia and the Levant. Initiated with a volume on Asia and the Pacific, the series continued with one devoted to America, and will complete the itinerary with a fourth volume on the architectures of Europe, ending at the finis terrae of the Iberian Peninsula.
The Atlas features articles and a considerable of projects covering different countries and regions including

Luis Fernández-Galiano; Springs and Storms. An Architectural Itinerary from Southern Africa to the Bosphorus

Southern Africa Iain Low - Nostalgia for the Specific. Southern Africa, Local Cultures and Global Pressures

Central and Eastern Africa Antoni Folkers - Aspirations and Inspirations. Central and Eastern Africa, Precarious and Booming

Western Africa Nnamdi Elleh - Vernacular Poetry. Western Africa, the Aesthetics of Scarcity

Northern Africa Hassan Radoine - Modernity with Context. The North of Africa, a Mediterranean ‘genius loci’.

Egypt Khaled Asfour - Future Pasts. Egypt, the Character of a Culture

Arabian Peninsula Ashraf M. Salama - Identity Flows. The Arabian Peninsula, Emerging Metropolises

Iran Farrokh Derakhshani - Longing and Contemporaneity. Iran, New Forms of Self-Expression

Mesopotamia and Levant Mohammad al-Asad - A Volatile Creativity. Mesopotamia and the Levant, Sprouts of Hope

Israel Rafi Segal - Parallel Realities. Israel, between Conflict and Retreat

Turkey Suha Özkan - Between East and West. Turkey, a Mosaic of Scales and Experiences


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