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Taste Paradaise: Cultural Landscape Association of Iran

Workshop and tour offered by the Cultural Landscape Association of Iran (05-04-2013).

Iran, a vast ancient land which has been a place of residency for more than 10000 years, treasures a wide range of cultural and natural landscapes. In the meantime, Persian garden, one of the most beautiful displays of “man and nature in harmony” is a worldwide known style.The proper implementation of geometry and water and plant has made a divine space which has been called “paradise” in various scripts due to the tranquility and serenity it offers.

Iranian gardens spread all around Iran but are more developed and thriving in some areas like “Shiraz” and “Isfahan” with so many amazing gardens. These Iranian gardens have been built on different eras and so present a striking diversity considering their time of birth and size and location.

Cultural Landscape Association

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Address: Unit 14, No.15, South Sohrevardi St., Tehran, IRAN

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