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Paul Pholeros 1953-2016. A Legacy for Indigenous Housing through Community Empowerment

"It is hard to imagine how any individual can be at peace when their health is poor, their children are regularly sick and their general living environment miserable. To make any positive change in this cycle is difficult but essential." Paul Pholeros at Architects for Peace, 2008.

It is with great sadness that we inform our community of the death of distinguished architect and activist Paul Pholeros, who left us at the early age of 62. Paul was an expert and an activist for the right of quality housing for indigenous people in Australia. His participatory approach resonated not only at home but also in the rest of the world, where indigenous rights to achieve dignified housing and towns has not yet been achieved. It is not surprising then that his passing was announced by the national press and also, among others, by the Guardian in UK.

At Architects for Peace we were privileged to have Paul Pholeros twice generously share his knowledge, experience and dedication. He delivered presentations on the work of HealtHabitat in 2008 and 2012. In an AFP editorial, Eleanor Chapman described this work as “improving the housing of indigenous Australians living in marginalised remote communities, where existing houses often suffer from lack of funds for maintenance, overcrowding and poor fitness for purpose”.

Paul Pholeros will be immensely missed by the communities he worked with and by us.

More about Paul Pholeros’ work:

Anthony McInneny and Beatriz Maturana on behalf of Architects for Peace


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