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2016 steering committee and advisers

Introducing our 2016 steering committee, elected at our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 17 November :

President – Targol Khorram
Vice President – Katherine Sampson / Nicole Mechkaroff
Secretary – Anne-Claire Deville
Public Officer – Anna Rowe
Treasurer – Pauline Ng
General Member – Dennisse Luna
General Member – Zamaneh Khoshdel 
General Member – Farah Rhozan
General Member – Lorenza Lazzati
General Member – Dina Bacvic

We're delighted to welcome four new members to the team: Dennisse Luna, Zamaneh khoshdel,Lorenza Lazzati and Anna Rowe. All four have become involved with Architects for Peace in 2015 in various capacities, contributing to the movie night and workshops held in 2015. Dennisse, zamaneh, Lorenza and Anna bring a range of skills and international experience to the team. We look forward to working together this year.

We also have a team of advisers who have kindly offered their help and will work closely with us: Dr Beatriz C. Maturana (founder of Architects for peace), Anthony McInneny, Peter Johns, Eleanor Chapman,
Gyöngyvér Engloner and Richie Dean .

Thank you also to former steering committee members for your efforts and enthusiasm.

Targol Khorram
March 2016


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