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Help Us Build Our Virtual Home

Dear members, friends and colleagues,

This place has been our virtual home since 2003, but while we were busy filling it up with lots of important content, we let time go by without doing the necessary renovations. Only small work here and there, but it wasn’t enough and it has now become a cluttered home that’s hard to navigate.

Help Architects for Peace build a new virtual home to communicate with our diverse international community, as we continue to make a positive impact on the built environment. Your donation will help us build a cleaner and user-friendly website that enables you and tens of thousands of other visitors from around the world to easily access information. A place where A4P supporters can gather to learn about the work we are doing – whether it’s defending the right to public space or bringing experts together to discuss a more equitable housing future.

Not only do we publish A4P’s activities on the site, we also share relevant content about urban development, promoting causes that focus on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace.

Help Us Build Our Virtual Home, *Donate today!*

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