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Address to City of Melbourne Submissions Committee - opposing local law changes that seek to punish the homelessness

Further to last month’s post on our submission to the City of Melbourne, outlining our opposition to the proposed amendments to the Activities (Public Amenity and Security) Local Law 2017 which we believe would adversely impact on people experiencing homelessness, two of our volunteers, Lara and Steve, represented Architects for Peace to address the Submissions Committee on 6 April.  More than 40 individuals and organisations chose to be heard in front of the committee, and each and every speaker rose to condemn the proposed amendments.  Many people with personal observations and experiences of homelessness expressed that council policy has already had a detrimental effect on their sense of belonging and self-esteem.  Many also expressed frustration with council’s procedure, which has bypassed and alienated established homelessness advisory bodies.

Committee resolutions included a call on management to commission a Human Rights Charter - Assessment of Compatibility into the proposed changes, along with a resolution to adjourn the meeting until 24 May to consider the volume of verbal and written submissions.  Further information, including an audio recording of the meeting, is available on the City of Melbourne website.



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