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India’s Daughter: for the right to walk free and without fear

Image source: NDTV India News
There cannot be social justice, solidarity, respect or peace when women, who represent more than half of the world's population, are exposed to violence.

Women in many countries are not granted the same rights as their male counterpart. In many countries too, women have no right or access to education. Furthermore, in too many countries women suffer or are exposed to discrimination, abuse, brutal beating, rape and murder.

BBC Delhi Nirbhaya Documentary full BBC India's Daughter HD from AwaitNews on Vimeo.

Many, if not most of the Architects for Peace committee and members are women and we would like the freedom that many of us enjoy to be extended to every woman.

We were pleased to learn that a documentary entitled India’s Daughter was produced by the BBC, a documentary aiming to inform and sensitize society about the situation that women face in India. Such a documentary has the power not only to inform, but also to educate society, so violence against women could become unacceptable and something of the past. However, India’s Daughter has been banned in India, a censorship decision that is both shameful and inexcusable. Unfortunately, in a move that is no better than that of the Indian government itself, "the BBC has launched a much more severe, global ban—the broadcaster has asked Google to remove all copies of the documentary, viewable anywhere in the world, from YouTube, citing copyright infringement."

Architects for Peace stands for the right of all women to be treated equally in their community. We stand for the right of all women to be respected and to contribute to her society in a manner that she sees fitting, and for women everywhere to enjoy their “right to the city”—walking free and without fear.

To commemorate Women’s day this year, we wanted to share with all of you (women and men) the BBC's banned documentary India’s Daughter.

If you have watched the documentary and feel disgusted by the comments of defence lawyers, we would encourage you to sign a petition aiming to "Initiate investigation and take appropriate action against Nirbhaya defence lawyers."


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