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Strategic Plan 2014-2018 now online!

Our Strategic Plan is now online and available to download here.

This plan represents an exciting new direction for A4P and will guide our operations over the next four years. Four key goals have been identified:

We are currently developing an Action Plan to work towards these goals through specific projects and are keen to hear from potential collaborators. Do you have an idea for an event, a campaign or a resource that you think might align with Architects for Peace values and goals? Would you like help to develop and implement your idea in collaboration with our team?

While we cannot fund projects, we can offer the skills of our team of volunteers, many with expertise in design, urban planning and construction, to help you realise your idea. We are interested in hearing from people from a range of backgrounds - not just the built environment - and a range of locations - not just Australia. If you are new to A4P, make sure you read through the plan first to familiarise yourself with our vision, mission and values. Please send enquiries and proposals to We look forward to hearing from you!


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